"We use Super Sitters exclusively at the Hemingway's. Sheila has a well trained staff, they know first aid, are always polite, courteous, on time and great with kids. Sheila tries to match each families needs to the babysitters expertise.

We try to schedule our needs a few days in advance but Sheila is usually able to pull a rabbit out of her hat for us, finding a babysitter at the last minute when needed.

Super Sitters is a professionally run babysitting service whom I highly recommend."

Wendy Carter
The Hemingway's

Hi Sheila,

Sorry I missed your call when we were settling in to the Lodge last week.

Kathy was terrific!! We would love to have her next year when we return in February. The kids loved her and we felt very comfortable leaving her in charge. Thanks for all your help, you have a great service!!

I assume you'll charge the balance to my credit card, please email me the balance for my records. See you next time we're in Sun Valley!



Terms and Conditions

1. A four-hour minimum is required after 5:30PM and a five-hour minimum before 5PM.

2. Reservations cancelled within 48 hours of the first date scheduled for bookings of less than 20 hours will be charged full fee for the reservation.
Any reservation cancelled at any time will be charged $30 for each date cancelled. Hours booked are hours paid.
Holidays require a two week notice to cancel.

See the FAQ page.

3. Reservation canceled within thirty days of the start date for bookings over 20 hours will be charged full fee to your credit card.

4. Employers arriving home earlier than planned must pay for time scheduled. If within 48 hours the nanny is asked to come later she is still paid for the times scheduled.

5. Nannies are paid by you directly with cash or check upon completion of work. Super Sitters charges their fees on your credit card. If the entire amount (Nanny's pay and Super Sitter referral fees) is charged to a credit card or paid by a large group through Super Sitters, then add 10%.

6. ALL SCHEDULING OF NANNY SERVICES MUST BE MADE THROUGH SUPER SITTERS. Employer will be held accountable for full payment of amount due, special handling/investigative fees ($175.00 Hr.) and any legal fees if scheduling is done between Employer and Nannies without notifying SUPER SITTERS. If a Nanny referred to Employer is employed without the knowledge and concurrence of SUPER SITTERS, Employer will be liable for the full placement fee normally charged for such placement.

7. SUPER SITTERS is a nanny referral service. SUPER SITTERS does not guarantee the Employer will be satisfied with Nanny or Nanny's performance. Under no circumstances shall SUPER SITTERS or its representatives be held liable to Employer by reason of any claim Employer has against Nanny, or by reason of any acts of omissions of Nanny hired by Employer. Employer agrees to indemnify SUPER SITTERS and hold it and its representatives harmless from any and all costs or expenses(including, without limitation, reasonable attorney fees) arising out of any claim against SUPER SITTERS or its representatives relating in any way to Nanny's employment

8. We do not bathe children in our care, administer medications or transport children without your written permission. We do not do any activities without your written permission.

9. Sick children are charged an extra $5.00 Hour.

10. Reservations are not guaranteed without a confirmation letter, or a phone call from Super Sitters's office.


12. Each credit card payment that declines will have a $25.00 service fee added to the amount owed.

Please see our rates page


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